Drink up me hearties, yo ho
i have weird nostrils, a rapid growing mustasch and i love sniffing books.

Daryl Dixon <3<4<>5<6<3<

Say what?

I’ve been hearing that people are UPSET about Rue being black in the Hunger games movie. I’VE GOT NO FUCKING WORDS. RACIST FU—-C,.V—-cghfcgfh———————— I CAN’T EVEN. DAMN YOU. I got so pissed when I read that people are hating on Amandla Stenberg becuase she got the role. That it even exists people that hate other people because of race sickens me. The third world war is coming our way. The world will not end by some asteroid or some other natural cause of extinction, we will all kill eachother, that damned asteroid is just too damn slow.

There&#8217;s over 480 days until I can move to Scotland? Yes, yes it is..